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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Water loss in Westboro

Inside this Westboro, MA home, water damage has occurred to the ceiling affecting the sheet rock and insulation. SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord went out and remove... READ MORE

Water leak in Garage in Littleton Ma

In Littleton, MA there was a leak in the roof of the garage and so there was water damage that affected the inside ceiling and wall near the door. Our SERVPRO o... READ MORE

Water damaged ceiling in Boxborough, MA

The ceiling in this home was so affected by the damage from an ice dam in the roof. The ceiling began to bow, was unfortunately not salvageable and mold began t... READ MORE

Aftermath of Ice Dam in Acton, MA

During an Ice dam this past spring left a family with dampness in their ceiling and floor of the first floor for a couple months before they realized. The damag... READ MORE

Burst Pipe in Acton, MA

A burst pipe on the second floor of this Acton, MA home was so extensive that it caused the ceiling to collapse! Thankfully, no one was hurt and the family was ... READ MORE

Sewage Backup in Littleton, MA

A sewage backup like this one in Littleton, MA might seems like a job too large to tackle, but this after photo was taken only four days after the before photo.... READ MORE

Water Damage in Hudson, MA

The before picture shows small puddles spread out over the basement, and there is a bunch of contents to work with. But with the help of SERVPRO of Marlboro/Con... READ MORE

Water flood inside of ceiling in Marlborough, MA

While this family was away from their home in Marlborough MA, when they came home it was to an unpleasant surprise! Their septic system had backed up and water ... READ MORE

Fire & Smoke Damage to a Concord Bedroom

The result of a tipped over space heater often leads to a smoky, fired damaged bedroom in a Concord rental property. Fortunately, the physical damage to the str... READ MORE

Littleton House Meets Up with Storm Damage

The sudden wind storm ripped open a section of the roof in this Littleton home. The tree limb damaged the attic crawlspace and ceiling of this kitchen and dinin... READ MORE

Concord Sump Pump Failure and Mold

After the sump pump had failed to channel the flood waters to the exterior of the Concord home, the opportunistic mold spores began to make mold colonies. The B... READ MORE

Storm Damage to a Marlborough Admin Building

The contaminated flood waters meant a partial demolition was required to secure the affected area from pathogens and filth. The Before Photo depicts our SERVPRO... READ MORE

Marlborough House Fire Is Extensive

Some house fires only need minor cleanup and smoke removal. Others, like shown in the Before Photo of this Marlborough home, need a full demolition. SERVPRO FST... READ MORE

More Mold in Marlboro!

One Moldy Monday, a customer arrived home to notice a small leak in his roof. After covering up the source behind the leak, the customer figured, "No more leak,... READ MORE

Fire on a Friday

A fire is like a tornado, it comes through destroying everything it comes in contact with leaving an aftermath of devastation. Unfortunately, nobody can really ... READ MORE

Stormy Weather and a Water Damaged Ceiling

This Concord work center suffered significant water damage from a storm that lifted part of the roof, drenching the ceiling with huge volumes of rainwater. The ... READ MORE

Marlborough Nursing Home and Flooding

The storm dumped muddy, contaminated water in a wing of this commercial structure in Marlborough. Immediate action was needed to not only mitigate structural da... READ MORE

Framington Mold Remediation

A leak through the roof meant an accumulation of moisture on the interior side of the sheathing and the rafters. Our SERVPRO AMRT applied microbial remediation ... READ MORE

Sprinkler Head Burst in Hudson, MA

SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord got called out on a late night commercial loss to Hudson, MA inside of a hotel, due to a sprinkler head that burst. The sprinkler he... READ MORE

Mold Damage to a Concord Kitchen

Hidden leaks that allow water to accumulate in wall cavities quite often lead to mold damage. In a Concord home, the dampness inside the base cabinets or a must... READ MORE

Puff Back in Acton, MA

SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord responded to a puff back emergency call in a basement. When the crew arrived they were lost for words, because not only was it a soo... READ MORE

Commercial Building Water Damage

That's right SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord helps out from residential to commercial buildings. Inside of the building one of the toilets kept running and no one k... READ MORE

Hotel Water Loss

Inside of the hotel there was an extensive water damage from a pipe that was leaking inside of the wall. This caused water to leak from the second floor bathroo... READ MORE

Tree Crash

When this tree came crashing down during a real heavy rain/wind storm, the homeowners were away on vacation. Thank goodness for their neighbors for reaching out... READ MORE

Storm Damage to a Ceiling in Marlborough, MA

After the heavy rain had stopped the ceiling inside of this residence started dripping water. The homeowners quickly rushed to check their house and then found ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in a Marlborough Property

This vacant property in Marlborough sustained storm damage when water flowed inside. The depth was less than an inch, but the carpeting was ruined and needed to... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Bonus Room in Littleton

Converting an unused attic space into a useful home office or den by unlicensed contractors can result in an electrical fire like the one in this Littleton prop... READ MORE

Mold Attack in a Concord Kitchen

The leak from the dishwasher ran across the back of the base cabinets and soaked into the flooring and sheetrock. This accumulated moisture invited dormant mold... READ MORE

Marlborough Wet Carpet in an Office

When a water leak soaks a small part of an office suite in the Marlborough region, it is a wise move to call in SERVPRO for the cleanup, water removal, and dryi... READ MORE

Fire in the Rafters of this Concord Structure

The flames consumed a small amount of the fuel before being extinguished. This meant that there was no structural damage to the trusses or the roof in this Conc... READ MORE

Mold Damaged Kitchen in Concord

Kitchens in the Concord area are notorious for fires and water leaks. The latter often results in hidden mold infestations within wall cavities. When that musty... READ MORE

Storm Damaged House in Littleton

When severe winds rip open a roof, and rains drop copious amounts of water storm damage of considerable significance can be expected. Waterlogged insulation and... READ MORE

Littleton Fire and Smoke Damage

When the flue malfunctions in a Littleton den because of a stuck dampener, smoke and soot can become an issue. With some luck, there won't be blowback of flames... READ MORE

Concord Stormy Mess Restoration and Cleanup

The stormwater dragged in mud and debris into a commercial building in the Concord area. The Before Photo shows the contaminated mud, sewage, and other matter. ... READ MORE

Wilmington, MA Hoarding Clean Out

Many Real Estate Agencies rely on SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord to prepare properties for listings after they have been trashed and neglected. This Wilmington r... READ MORE

Westford Dance Studio Suffers a Water Loss

The music and the dancing came to an abrupt halt at the Studio Rhythm in Westford. A leak from the toilet supply line flooded the entire dance floor along with ... READ MORE

Westford Water Damaged Ceiling

Bathroom fixture leaks are one of the biggest causes of water damage in homes. And because water flow follows gravity and goes from wet to dry, the path of dam... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration In Natick

Our professionals were called out to a property in Natick regarding a water damage disaster. A pipe in the upstairs bathroom was leaking causing major damage to... READ MORE

Burst Pipe in Carlisle Basement

What happens when a pipe breaks in your finished basement? About two inches of standing water can result as well as damage to surrounding rooms, ceilings, and s... READ MORE

Flooded Day Care Center in Westford

When your sump pump cannot keep up with the weather, flooding happens relatively fast. This was the situation for the owner of the Next Generation Children's C... READ MORE

Bathroom Leak in Acton

When a pipe bursts in your bathroom in Acton, MA, the ceiling beneath can quickly become damaged. When the ceiling is the one covering your kitchen, that is a ... READ MORE

New Construction Vandalism in Littleton

This homeowner's dream of building a new house in Littleton, MA turned into a nightmare when vandalization occurred at the construction site. The vandals left t... READ MORE

Biohazardous Cleanup in a Concord Home

When a sewage line clogged and prevented drainage the backup into this Concord, MA bathroom was seen and smelled. Though it does not appear to be a large amount... READ MORE

Toilet Mold Damage in Westford

When mold was found behind the toilet drain in this Westford, MA house, the homeowner contacted team SERVPRO for remediation and restoration. Our technicians i... READ MORE

Mold in a Mansfield Attic

Did you know that poor ventilation in your HVAC system can cause mold? Also, because ductwork is often hidden behind walls or in attics, often homeowners do no... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Concord Home

Storm damage struck this Concord, MA home when a window was left open while the property owners were away for the weekend. It was a particularly stormy weekend ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Marlborough

Our crew received a call from a commercial property in Marlborough, MA regarding a water damage incident. Our experts had to respond quickly to prevent mold gro... READ MORE

Water Damage – Concord Home

Water damage developed at this Concord, MA home due to a roof leaking above the kitchen of the house. The damage to the ceiling and walls became very significan... READ MORE

Water Damaged Basement In Boxborough

A homeowner in Boxborough, MA contacted us regarding significant water damage to their property. The upstairs sink overflowed, causing damage to their basement.... READ MORE

Water Damage – Concord, MA Finished Basement

Water damage occurred at this Concord, MA home’s finished basement when the boiler developed a leak. The carpeting was saturated with water, and the walls... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Marlborough, MA

Our experts were contacted regarding a water damage emergency at a commercial property in Marlborough. A hot water heater burst, causing significant damage. We ... READ MORE

Water Loss in a Concord, MA Kitchen

The plumbing running through the attic split and soaked the ceiling in this Concord kitchen with water. The visible damage shown in the Before Photo indicates a... READ MORE

Concord, MA Daycare and a Water Mishap

A faulty sprinkler system discharged at this daycare in Concord, MA affecting multiple classrooms with water damage. Our trained professionals arrived on-site a... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos