Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Restoring a Stow Home’s Water-Damaged Ceiling

The Stow property in the Before Photo needed water restoration services from SERVPRO to safely repair a water-damaged ceiling. As the photo shows, the ceiling s... READ MORE

Chelmsford, MA Home and a Water Loss. B&A

This home in Chelmsford was the recipient of a high volume of unwanted water. The water heater burst and the pressurized line spewed many gallons of water onto ... READ MORE

Water Loss in a Concord, MA Kitchen

The plumbing running through the attic split and soaked the ceiling in this Concord kitchen with water. The visible damage shown in the Before Photo indicates a... READ MORE

Water Damage – Concord, MA Finished Basement

Water damage occurred at this Concord, MA home’s finished basement when the boiler developed a leak. The carpeting was saturated with water, and the walls... READ MORE

Water Damaged Basement In Boxborough

A homeowner in Boxborough, MA contacted us regarding significant water damage to their property. The upstairs sink overflowed, causing damage to their basement.... READ MORE

Water Damage – Concord Home

Water damage developed at this Concord, MA home due to a roof leaking above the kitchen of the house. The damage to the ceiling and walls became very significan... READ MORE

New Construction Vandalism in Littleton

This homeowner's dream of building a new house in Littleton, MA turned into a nightmare when vandalization occurred at the construction site. The vandals left t... READ MORE

Water flood inside of ceiling in Marlborough, MA

While this family was away from their home in Marlborough MA, when they came home it was to an unpleasant surprise! Their septic system had backed up and water ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Hudson, MA

The before picture shows small puddles spread out over the basement, and there is a bunch of contents to work with. But with the help of SERVPRO of Marlboro/Con... READ MORE

Sewage Backup in Littleton, MA

A sewage backup like this one in Littleton, MA might seems like a job too large to tackle, but this after photo was taken only four days after the before photo.... READ MORE

Burst Pipe in Acton, MA

A burst pipe on the second floor of this Acton, MA home was so extensive that it caused the ceiling to collapse! Thankfully, no one was hurt and the family was ... READ MORE

Aftermath of Ice Dam in Acton, MA

During an Ice dam this past spring left a family with dampness in their ceiling and floor of the first floor for a couple months before they realized. The damag... READ MORE

Water damaged ceiling in Boxborough, MA

The ceiling in this home was so affected by the damage from an ice dam in the roof. The ceiling began to bow, was unfortunately not salvageable and mold began t... READ MORE

Water leak in Garage in Littleton Ma

In Littleton, MA there was a leak in the roof of the garage and so there was water damage that affected the inside ceiling and wall near the door. Our SERVPRO o... READ MORE

Water loss in Westboro

Inside this Westboro, MA home, water damage has occurred to the ceiling affecting the sheet rock and insulation. SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord went out and remove... READ MORE