Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Heavy storm damage behind a wall with two electrical outlets and no drywall or baseboards

Remediating Residential Storm Damage in Concord

The Concord property in this photo needed demolition and water cleanup after suffering storm damage. The framing behind the two electrical outlets is heavily saturated and can put the home at risk for mold growth without professional sanitation and drying.

Technician assessing wet vapor barriers between laminate flooring and concrete

Evaluating Maynard Property Flooring After Storm Damage

In this photo, a SERVPRO technician determines the extent of water damage beneath a Maynard property’s storm-damaged laminate floor. This process includes pulling up boards and checking the vapor barriers and the home foundation underneath for moisture and microbes.

Hardwood floor with ceiling debris

Acton Roof Leak Causes Water Damage and Ceiling Collapse

Portions of this Acton home’s ceiling wound up in the floor after storms caused water damage to the roof. SERVPRO technicians arrived quickly to remove the sagging portion of the ceiling and extract the water from the floor. 

Basement with SERVPRO extraction equipment with water on the floor

Marlborough Basement Needs Water Clean Up from SERVPRO

The photo shows SERVPRO extracting water and performing water restoration services for a Marlborough homeowner. Heavy rains brought in the water around the floor joints but fortunately did not spread throughout the basement because the homeowner had the water removal start so quickly.

Pools of water on carpet with the green drain hose visible

Sudbury, MA Storm and Water Damage

The caller stated that upon awakening there was about 5" of standing water in the finished basement. He stated that the water appeared to be coming from the street and that he had found and stopped the flow from the shutoff valve. Three rooms were soaked when our SERVPRO team soon arrived to abate the water damaging event. The family room, utility room & laundry room along with many contents were affected. Our crew removed the water and set up air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out the rooms, all within several days. Count on us; We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Inside a house where drywall has been removed to dry saturated wood studs

Chelmsford, MA Flood Damage

The groundwater from a storm flooded a portion of the basement in this Chelmsford home. The rainwater saturated the exterior grounds, and the hydrostatic pressure forced some water through the concrete pad and into the lower level. Our SERVPRO team removed the visible water, and cut out and discarded the small portion of ruined sheetrock. We only demolish what is necessary to limit the build back costs. Once we dried the basement, we sprayed an antimicrobial as a disinfectant making the area sanitary and safe.

Close-up photo of carpeting where the backing has separated from the carpet weave

Damaged Carpeting After Flooding in Westford, MA

This is an excellent example of what can happen to older carpet, or carpet that has remained wet for an extended period.  It is called delamination, and it is where the glue that holds the backing onto the carpet weave has dissolved and the backing is literally falling off of the carpet.  When attempting to extract water or dry carpet like this it can actually disintegrate while you are working with it, so it must be replaced.

Team SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord ran into this situation at a residence in Westford, MA. The upstairs toilet had overflowed causing a flooding in the basement with standing water. The crew came out and took out the damaged carpeting. They removed the flooring to get to the water damage. Our crew used high tech equipment to clean up the water.

An office area where ceiling tiles, insulation, and cubicle walls are scattered on the floor; holes in the ceiling

Concord, MA Stormy Weather Cleanup

Strong, straight-line winds can cause havoc to commercial sites in Concord disrupting business. When work is at a standstill, client fulfillment goes unanswered. Rely on SERVPRO to quickly help clean up the storm-damaged interior and get our office humming once again.

inside of flood damaged home

Storm Damage in Acton

Summer and winter storms produce year-round threats in our area. SERVPRO can quickly remediate the storm damage. From emergency tarping to water cleanup, our team can tackle it all.

Small office with some missing ceiling tiles and most of the flooring removed

Storm Damage - Concord MA

This customer had to have part of his ceiling removed due to water that leaked down from a passed storm. Luckily he called our emergency service line and had the problem taken care of immediately.

One Stormy Afternoon

Naturally, some of our busiest moments happen when a storm occurs. Anything from leaks, to submerged basements. SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord operates a 24 hour emergency service so you don't get hung out to dry while the water comes flowing in!

Photo from within the attic of a house with large ragged holes through the roof and wet insulation beneath

Storm Damage - Bolton MA

This customer had damage done to his roof but didn't properly seal it off. A rain storm came and took things from bad to worse, luckily, there's no job too big for SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord.

Storm water pooled about 1 inch deep on the floor of the family room of a home

Marlborough. MA Family Room is Storm Damaged

This lower level room in a Marlboro home suffered flooding from water entering from a storm. By rapidly moving the furnishings and belongings to a dry area of the home we can mitigate the water damage. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.