Commercial Photo Gallery

Closeup of technicians assessing carpet moisture with a Delmhorst moisture meter

SERVPRO Inspection Tools and Techniques Save Hudson Commercial Carpet

When this Hudson property required water mitigation, SERVPRO answered their call with a thorough inspection of affected surfaces like the carpeting in the photo. Penetrating moisture meters can accurately assess carpet moisture content before remediation.

SERVPRO drying and air quality equipment in commercial property

Double Duty Drying During Water Damage Cleanup in Acton

This Acton property needed fast help with water cleanup. The photo shows the dehumidification unit draining into a receptacle during the drying phase of the restoration. Running this equipment simultaneously expedites the elimination of moisture, particularly in semi-porous substrates such as the concrete slab flooring.

Air movers and dehumidification equipment deployed in an office with vinyl tile flooring

Commercial Water Damage – Marlborough, MA Office

Water damage occurred when a water pipe leading to the baseboard heaters of this commercial office developed a leak. Quite a lot of water was dumped onto the flooring affecting the carpeting and contents of the office. SERVPRO of Marlborough / Concord provides emergency service 24/7 so when we got the call we immediately dispatched a team of industry-certified technicians to clean up the water and dry all of the affected area and contents.

A restaurant kitchen after the fire suppression system has discharged and fire retardant residue is all over everything

Commercial Fire Damage – Marlborough, MA Restaurant

Commercial fire damage was suffered at this Marlborough restaurant’s kitchen. Installed fire suppressant systems extinguished the fire, but not before a layer of soot and smoke damage covered all the appliances counter tops, and floors. SERVPRO of Marlboro / Concord has the equipment and trained personnel to handle situations just like this.

Bare stud walls and exposed sub-floor in office hallway after cleaning where a remodeling project is underway

Commercial Cleaning in Marlborough, MA

During renovations and remodeling in office buildings, the accumulation of debris and refuse from torn out materials need removal. SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord has the industrial grade equipment manned by highly skilled technicians to satisfy clients and keep on schedule. Call us for water, fire, mold, and many more services for your commercial structure.

A computer on a desk top, books on shelves, and the wall behind them all covered in heavy soot.

Marlborough, MA Small Office Fire

The fire damaged the building materials and office equipment and books in this Marlborough office. SERVPRO FSRT crew members can remove the smoke covered items in an attempt to salvage them. Odor control using a hydroxyl generator improves the indoor air quality

water damaged office; wet carpeting seen

From Residential to Commercial Buildings

We are prepared & motivated to take on every challenge that presents itself. SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord can accommodate restorations from small spaces to large commercial buildings. Our franchise has been operational since 1998, gaining our customer's trust through hard work and dedication. There's no job that's too big; we do it all!

Door open in an office hallway with standing water on the floor

Marlborough, MA Small Office Flood

The failed water line drenched the floors in this RE office in Marlborough requiring rapid water removal. Our SERVPRO water damage technicians used our truck-mounted pump to extract the water and mitigate damages. Next up, air movers and dehumidifiers to complete the service.

Photo of a utility room with several inches of standing water

Water Damage - Concord, MA

This customer came to his business with the hopes of opening up for the day, only to find three inches of water in his utility room. SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord got on scene, extracted the water, and immediately started the drying process. 

Water damaged long hotel hallway with air movers positioned on both sides in front of each room dooway

Concord, MA Hotel Water Problem

By quickly vacuuming up the small amount of water that sprayed down from the sprinkler system, our SERVPRO techs could then set up numerous air movers. Their strategic placement rapidly evaporated the residual moisture with minimal disruption to the guests in the Concord hotel. Count on us for commercial water damage issues.