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SERVPRO Helps Spec Builder Cleanup His Spec House For Sale in Littleton after Extreme vandalism

1/7/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Says to Littleton Property Owners--Be Insured and Ready to Call Us after Flooding or Vandalism

Yes, It Happened in Littleton--Vandalism by Water Damage

There are many small, quaint towns in Massachusetts, that never really had to deal with any danger or trouble around the area. This specific house was just recently built by the builder, waiting to be purchased, leaving it unoccupied and open. This was the perfect opportunity for a disaster to happen.

The builder got a call and was shocked to hear the news of what happened. Some people broke into the Littleton house and vandalized the property. They left the kitchen sink running until the water caused a flood. The water wicked into the walls and drained down into the unfinished basement and deposited a goodly amount of standing water. There was significant water damage throughout the unoccupied structure due to the malicious act of these vandals. The builder was at a loss for what to do next.

SERVPRO sent out an estimator to the residence after being requested by the insurance company and immediately came and explained the water damage restoration process with the customer. The first step in the water restoration process is the water extraction suing state of the art equipment. Our certified IICRC crew used truck mounted pumps to suction out the standing water. Moreover, drain it to clean up the water as efficiently as possible. We work hard and fast to salvage the building materials since we strive to restore and not replace. Air movers and fans were also placed in the residence to produce high levels of air flow to accelerate the evaporation process thereby reducing the drying time. Containment was set up around the wet zones to ensure moisture did not enter unaffected areas and cause ongoing or secondary damages like mold growth. The technicians then did selective deconstruction to the basement ceiling and the other non-salvageable areas that were destroyed by the water. The finished basement received the worst damage, while the kitchen, the entryway, both the master bedroom and the closet were all affected as well. The technicians worked efficiently and effectively to restore the residence to help the building get back on the market.

The builder has been very satisfied with our work thus far, and we will continue to meet his expectations throughout the experience. The SERVPRO way is always the right way, and we are proud to be helping this community to restore their properties. Vandalism can happen to anyone at any time, but SERVPRO of Marlboro/Concord is always here to help when disaster strikes. (978) 486-9868

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