Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Toilet Mold Damage in Westford

When mold was found behind the toilet drain in this Westford, MA house, the homeowner contacted team SERVPRO for remediation and restoration. Our technicians i... READ MORE

Mold Damaged Kitchen in Concord

Kitchens in the Concord area are notorious for fires and water leaks. The latter often results in hidden mold infestations within wall cavities. When that musty... READ MORE

Mold Attack in a Concord Kitchen

The leak from the dishwasher ran across the back of the base cabinets and soaked into the flooring and sheetrock. This accumulated moisture invited dormant mold... READ MORE

Mold Damage to a Concord Kitchen

Hidden leaks that allow water to accumulate in wall cavities quite often lead to mold damage. In a Concord home, the dampness inside the base cabinets or a must... READ MORE

Framington Mold Remediation

A leak through the roof meant an accumulation of moisture on the interior side of the sheathing and the rafters. Our SERVPRO AMRT applied microbial remediation ... READ MORE

More Mold in Marlboro!

One Moldy Monday, a customer arrived home to notice a small leak in his roof. After covering up the source behind the leak, the customer figured, "No more leak,... READ MORE

Concord Sump Pump Failure and Mold

After the sump pump had failed to channel the flood waters to the exterior of the Concord home, the opportunistic mold spores began to make mold colonies. The B... READ MORE